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Good brushes are part of the charming souvenirs of my own career. Through the brush a valuable communication and trust is created wherein the client/model enjoys their make up time becoming more beautiful. In turn, the artist is open to inspiration.

I began designing this brush line wishing to guide my students along a path of realizing their own professional potential. From experience I learned to teach the value of a good tool as inherently vital to, and inseparable from an artists “technique”. 

Today there are so many varieties of make up ever evolving that actually compliment your skin with better textures and color pigments. In turn a good brush compliments make up by applying today’s colors more efficiently.  

Make up should enhance natural beauty. Enjoying make up time creates self-esteem and positive energy; a happy time. It’s almost like a healing time taking care of your beauty. I believe any kind of brush on your skin should be functional, yet comfortably soft and kind. And brushes develop beyond just a “functional tool” realizing their own potential only when a woman enjoys creating her own beauty. In this light I would like to introduce my brushes hopefully to brighten up your make up time: made in Japan and grown-up in New York with best wishes for everyone wishing to be beautiful. 

When the opportunity to meet the Kumano brush makers presented itself I believed it to be serendipity having found artisans of the highest regard whom share the same ideals of artistic expression balanced with discerning sensibilities. Thus began our work together.

The 21 kinds of        brushes are hand sculpted from Kumano, Hiroshima Japan, an area with an almost 200 year tradition of nonpareil craftsmanship among its brush makers. With a discerning eye for detail these artists have won the Prime Minister’s Prize of the first    Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award  in the field of “Application of Traditional Technology In The Production Of New Products”.

Specific to their design the tips of these brushes are never cut. Moreover each tip has a special symmetry called, “gradations”. Gradations are produced from subtle differences in hair ends meticulously crafted, beautifully balanced so that when a face is brushed these brushes respond comfortably to your hand movements applying perfect gradations of natural light and shade, defining the face beautifully with subtle highlights and shadings of make up in each area of the face regardless of the angle.  

Further, all the natural hairs chosen are hand sculpted in exemplary fashion specifically suited to the unique purpose each area of make up application requires. They feel very kind and delicate on your face. 

The Handle:  Designed to be a charming expression with a wish to bloom a flower in your heart with a happy mind; ultimate hand control, and portable.  
The Metal Holder: Black Chrome specifically suited for ultimate durability with no corrosion; protects the brush fibers for their longest possible performance. Made for professionals. 

                                                                “I hope these brushes help the beginning of your day become a happy time with best wishes”